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Do you despise painting?

Our paint is easy to apply, and that makes all the difference between tedious chore and decorating pleasure! Our paint’s perfectly balanced formula guarantees easy application that’s unparalleled. Don’t take chances … USE SICO

With Sico, you don’t get spattering!

WHAT CAUSES SPATTERING? This problem is normally caused by inferior-quality paint. These paints do not contain enough pigment, are too watery, and don’t stick well. With Sico quality, there is less preparation, less risk, and your task is made so much simpler. Don’t take chances … USE SICO

Sico, the ultimate concealer

When you buy a less expensive paint, are you really getting a good deal? If you have to use more paint, then you are wasting time, money and effort. For true value … USE SICO

Don, Dave, Sterling, and paint salesman Doug Geldart

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