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Moffett's Pro Hardware 1922.

An old-fashioned owner-operated hardware store.  

Celebrating our 94th  year in business!

23 Broad St.  Sussex. NB

General Hardware * House wares * Paints * Fishing & Hunting * Electrical * Plumbing

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"We're an

old-fashioned hardware store, where

customer service

is number 1"




23 Broad St.

Sussex, NB

E4E 2J7

Near Train Station

Ph; 433-2147

Fax; 433-5546


Do you fix windows?

Yes, glass and screens. Rates are reasonable. When possible, we repair them the same day. Another option is for us to cut the glass to your measurement immediately for your personal installation if you wish.

How do you change an oven element?

First disconnect the power - BE SURE IT IS OFF!!!. Usually 2 screws at the back of the oven hold the element in place. Unscrew those, pull the element forward. Usually 2 wires will be attached and will be long enough to be pulled into the oven. Detach them and bring the element to us. We have replacements for 95% of oven elements.

How long have you worked here?

Garry Singer, 29 years
Ralph Paris, 20 years
Tina Miller, 13 years
Maddy Walton, 2 years
Don Moffett; since 6:30 this morning - Oh, when did I first start? 1973 full time and part time as a kid in the 60's for $55 per week (47 hours).
Brenda Moffett, advisor (to Don) for 44 years, Office Manager for 19 years, retired end of 2012.

What time do you open/close?

Monday - Saturday, 

From 7 a.m. (often 6:30-6:45) until 6 p.m.

Thursday and Friday until 9pm.






Dealer for 20 years. Great Paint, Good Prices

Courteous, individual attention, emphasis on value, packaging at a minimum, exceptional variety.


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